Caution…Don’t Pay Too Much: Discount Coupons Are Available. We Do All The Research For You…
Chances are good that you found this site when you went to your favorite search engine…such as Google to find out if there was a discount or coupon code for the product you wanted to buy.
Most Coupon Sites are generic scripts that scrape information from other sites. In my opinion they can be a huge waste of your time. If you’ve tried one of these sites I think you will agree that most of the discount codes are out of date and no longer work…

The Coupon Detectives are very different. We investigate every product we list to find you the most accurate up to date information available online.

Here’s What Our Product Discount Information Consists Of:

  • An Extensive Online Search.
  • A Live Test Run Of Discount Coupon Codes In Merchant Check Out Form.
  • Sign Ups To Merchant Email Lists To See What Kind Of Discount Information Is Sent In The Mail.
  • Contacting Merchants Regularly To Be In The Know About Coming Promotions.

If There’s A Discount Code Or Special Trial Offer…We’ll Find It.

Ever wonder?:

Am I getting the best deal?

Would this product be cheaper somewhere else?

Are there special discounts if I signup at the merchants website?

How many times have you arrived at a merchants checkout and found something like this?


Discount 2


Discount 1



It’s no secret that in today’s economy it can pay off big time to be a savvy shopper. Many times merchants have product discounts, coupons, promo codes, bonuses and special trial offers available…trouble is, they can be very hard if not impossible to find. That’s where the Coupon Detectives come in. We spend hours investigating these products to find the best price and bonuses available online.

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